Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Working from the list

After our first meeting we decided that we would go away with our list of ideas and produce some starting points on our own. This turned out to be a difficult process for me as some of our ideas were quite conceptual or long running like the Fund Raiser idea or the Fame idea.

I started to produce components for my kinetic sculpture idea as I was still hung up on it and it was still a possibility. The group project had become a little cloudy for me and seemed off the boil so to speak.

On the 11th Oct a post on our Face Book page was made by James Hasker thankfully offering some direction it stated that on Friday the 14th Oct we would all come in and try to recreate a successful film scene an idea discussed by James Ackerley.

We all met up in the studio with filming equipment to hand and scrips to a scene in Pulp Fiction and the DVD to digest. as we got into the process and tried to make the idea happen it fell apart as we realised that it was not properly formulated and was a much bigger task than we had first thought we also discussed where the idea would be going and decided to cut it.

Following this we drafted an emergency tutorial with Jon Biddulph our second year tutor as we were getting worried that time was passing and we were not producing anything. In this tutorial we discussed our list of ideas and explained that the group talks are going really well everyone is having input and being listened to however we are lacking a direction after talks break down.

From this tutorial we further developed the Art Competition idea and decided it should not be a competition it should be a display in which we each create an artwork that will then be voted on from this we can understand what art is deemed successful.

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