Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Facebook post 20th Oct - James Ackerly

"Today Me, Hannah, Tom and James had a pseudo meeting of sorts and have managed to secure a wall space in the foyer of the link gallery for next week (mon 24th to fri 28th). Our intention for this beta exhibition is to see how the voting system would work, the logistics of audience interaction, promotion etc.

After which we can arrange a meeting in the studio to collate what we've learned. This mini display will be used as a kind of microcosm for our eventual intention of having an alternating set of votable-onable responses to pre-set briefs on display in the link gallery from now until the project deadline, by which time we should have a solid body of statistics and data that we can extrapolate and, hopefully drawn something tangible from.

If you're interested in this project and working in our group please come to the studio tomorrow around midday and we can give you a more comprehensive explanation of where we're coming from, and begin to make initial preparations for our wall space; painting, sanding etc. If you can't make it tomorrow please let us know on here and we can accommodate your situation. Remember that the exhibition next week is only a beta so don't worry if you can't make it, because it doesn't mean you can't display the week after."


Unfortunately I had missed the meeting although it was my own fault and I could not make it in the next day due to prior engagements, when I got back on Sunday the 23rd Oct I posted on our Facebook page that I had lost touch (Due to myself) and need someone to give me a quick catchup I was told just come in tomorrow (Mon 24 Oct) and all will be explained. 

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