Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Group meeting

We all got together for our first group meeting (6th Oct) I fell this meeting went very well. We decided to made a list of around ten ideas that we could use as starting points and do some tests with to find a direction in which to take the project, the ideas are as followed.

Fund Raiser - Our research suggest that there are strong links between the idea of success and money this idea would have us trying to raise an amount of money over eight weeks and then we would possibly spend the money on a final piece to display.

Chain reaction/Kinetic sculpture - Engineering success in a very literal form this idea incorporates lots of points of failure.

Fame - Research also suggests links between success and fame. For this idea we would attempt to make someone famous. (Since found out this is being done by another group)

Machine - The idea of a contraption that all group members would control if one person fails everyone does. One person could be the eyes, one the steering, one the brakes etc.

Artist Persona - What makes a piece of art successful and can it be emulated.

Art Competition - Art students pit against each other to see who is the most successful

Infiltration (Undercover success) - Can we successfully infiltrated business meeting by looking smart and successful or a building site with a hard had and florescent jacket.

Video Piece Success - A video of very unlikely successes for example a backwards basket ball shot from very far away or a golf hole in one etc.

The Ideas I am responsible for are Chain reaction/Kinetic sculpture, Machine, Infiltration and Video Piece Success

The Face Book group for our art group was also created on the 6th of October.

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