Saturday, 12 November 2011

Soap 31st Oct - 2nd Nov

Whilst the clay pieces were still being voted on Hannah Davies manages to source a large block of soap for each group member. We decided that we would all produce a piece using this soap and it would be displayed and voted on Monday the 31st Oct but we would only display it until the Wednesday when we would change the display so we could collect more results in the time we had left before our deadline.

I drilled a hole in my soap and used hot water to erode the hole further other group members carved, baked, shaved, microwaved and washed there soap blocks. The results looked really good and each piece looked remarkably different which we felt was good for collecting votes. James Ackerley also wrote a small paragraph on each art piece. This was something that I had not discussed with him and I don't know if other members of the group had it just seemed like something he wanted to do which wasn't really an issue It would have just been nice to have known this was something he had planned.

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