Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Response to an apple Tuesday 18th October

On tuesday we were expected to bring in a response to an apple and a photograph in the style of a photographic artist. The idea being that we could get votes for the apple responses and find the most successful and we could put the photographs up with the artists piece and see how the votes work and if the artist photograph would succeed with the most votes.

Everyone brought there things in for voting and I suggested we get a response from the rest of our peers in the second year by displaying our things and collecting votes in our Tuesday meeting. The rest of the group did not like this idea as the felt we were not prepared enough so we agreed after the meeting the work would be put out in the studio whilst I went to my lecture. I was disappointed when I found out the work had not been displayed and no votes had been collected for some reason as I felt like I had wasted my time producing the work.

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