Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sweded Film Project - Planet of the Apes

I have really enjoyed executing this project as I had never heard of the style of film and it was a new interesting perspective on amateur film. The group worked well as we all took a roll and responsibility for different aspects of the production. We started by gathering research about the film and looking at key scenes and lines, from this we developed a plan and storyboard. Each group member agreed to bring in a range of props and costumes for the production.

The filming was a great success as we followed our plan and improvised to give our version a comical twist. We all had a good time acting like fools and expressing ourselves out of our comfort zone. When the films were screened in the studio I had a great time watching each groups take on the movie they had been set. There was some very creative shots and ideas in everyones film and some looked impressive considering we had no budget.

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