Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Museum of Science and Industry Research

I went to the Museum of Science and Industry to look at some Aeroplanes and Aerofoils for research and understanding purposes.

Roe Triplane 1 Built by Edwin Alliott

I like the simplicity of this early aircraft design, I focused primarily on the struts in the wing as this is a method I could use when building my own flying machine.

This is and image of a wing, I have been trying to gain a greater understanding of wings and aerofoils. I noticed that from the side all the wings are fairly flat underneath and curved on the top. This means the air has a further distance to travel over the top of the wing therefor it must travel faster, this causes a difference in pressure lifts of sucks the wing upwards.

There was also a section of paintings of aircrafts in the museum. I found these very interesting and technical and some of the water-colour and oil paintings looked very realistic and beautiful here is one one of my favourites.

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